WEWAX®-BIT is wax specifically designed for bitumen modification.

The products are formuated to match the elevated requirements of modern asphalt roads. The product is a joint development of Mitteldeutsches Bitumenwerk GmbH, one of the leading German bitumen producers and Mitteldeutsches Paraffinwerk Webau GmbH, a producer of customized polymer waxes for hotmelts, coatings & polymer modification.

WEWAX®-BIT is easy to handle and safe to use. It comes strapped in 600 kg BigBags. The elevated flame points (>250°C OC) and low fine content (<0,1%) make handling safe. Its unique composition is key to excellent viscoelastic properties of the mastic under extreme conditions. WEWAX®-BIT outperforms others especially via its cold wear properties.

WEWAX®-BIT 30 has been succesfully tested as an additive in both rolled asphalt and mastic asphalt applications. It is also suited for roofing products. Besides WEWAX®-BIT 30, customized grades (individually designed target properties) are available on request.